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Quyaakamsi Tagilghiisi

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Riiglluk Creations

Our tribal healer creates organic lip balms and salves for your everyday dermatology needs.

Made in Alaska with 100% natural ingredients.

About Us

Riiglluk Creations is a family owned business located in Anchorage, Alaska. Our family gathers Riiglluk Stinkweed and Devils clubs plants for our products once per year. The Riiglluk Stinkweed plant is gathered on St. Lawrence Island from the tundra.

The owner and the maker of the products is a Tribal Healer and an herbalist. She uses a holistic approach through spirituality before, during, and after the products are made to ensure our products have good energy. She teaches Traditional Life Skills (See Yuguumalleq, the ways of the Human Being page).


“Kayusighimanginaghaqlusi – Be helpful to others”

“Piniiqelleq atuqaqluku – Use love”

 “Ilaakullusi – Be together”


The ways of the human being


Riiglluk (Stinkweed, Artemisia, Wormwood) is a medicinal plant used by the St. Lawrence Island Yupik people for many generations.